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Are you looking for assistance on your impact measurement and reporting functions? Are you newly venturing into the sustainability space with your ESG investment strategy? Would you like to map your contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals? Contact me and let's work out what I can do for you.


Bhavana Poosarla | Freelance Consultant | Certified Impact Analyst

I'm a CFA level 3 candidate with three years of professional experience (plus a thesis) on the entire spectrum of sustainable investing - exclusion, ESG, impact investing, and more recently, SDG-focused investing.


For the past three years, I worked in a dynamic and fast-paced start-up environment, where I learned to be a jack-of-many-trades. My academic and work profile is a mosaic of a variety of subjects such as civil engineering, big data, IT, business administration, marketing, accounting, CRM, and financial analysis.


Nevertheless, I feel the most passionate about scaling innovative solutions that solve global challenges and mobilising private capital towards sustainable development. The topics I've worked the most with include gender equality, climate change, and circular economy.



Impact measurement and reporting

For: Asset owners, Asset managers, Social enterprises, NGOs, Research organisations

I've previously surveyed asset owners (pension funds, insurance companies, banks, foundations, family offices) with combined assets of €1.6 trillion on their reporting preferences. When reviewing the impact of their investments, what the asset owners really look for is - no, not a cluster of sophisticated metrics or a barrage of meaningless text - but a report which tells a story. 

I can point you to the relevant ESG/impact measurement frameworks, compile your ESG/impact data, and create an ESG or impact report which maps to the SDGs.

Getting you started on your ESG or impact investment journey

For: Asset owners, Asset managers

I've assisted asset owners at various stages of building an impact investment portfolio. My body of work includes developing an impact investment policy statement for an asset owner, evaluating impact rating providers, building the universe of green bonds, identifying the projects green bonds contribute to, navigating the existing assessment frameworks on gender equality, understanding the gender performance of companies in the portfolio, evaluating the carbon footprint and impact performance of the stock portfolio, analysing sovereign bond issuers on ESG dimensions, identifying and evaluating impact fund managers in private equity, infrastructure, public equity, real estate.


Having worked on consultancy projects across a range of asset classes, impact themes, and SDGs, I can offer valuable insights on the ESG and impact investing space, and also how the SDGs fit into all of this.

Content writing and market research

For: Asset owners, Asset managers, Social enterprises, NGOs, Research organisations

Nothing gets me as excited as writing a thorough research piece on solving global challenges. Looking for a (ghost) writer for your sustainability blog? Want to test out the waters through market research? I make it my mission to publish a blog every two weeks, and well, getting paid while doing so might not be a bad idea after all! 



Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact me today and see what I can do for you.

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